What happens when 2 guys with 30+ years of combined digital marketing experience and more than 15 millions of dollars in online sales go crazy (after an intense brainstorming session) and decide to transform as many lives as possible by helping anyone to become a successful online entrepreneur in just a few weeks:  Introducing the most advanced, practical, affordable and value packed  mentoring program ever created...



The Most Advanced Yet Affordable Mentoring Program Ever Created:


Are you struggling to make money online?

Are you sick seeing others bragging about their results while all you're getting is flat lining profits?

Are you worried that because you've never sold anything online, you will never be able to achieve your dreams?

Are you an online marketer willing to take his digital business to the next level and implement long term profit-pulling strategies in just a few weeks?

Finally, are you ready and committed to fixing this right away and start getting the results you deserve even if you are not technical, and have no previous experience?

If You Answered Yes To Any Or All Of The Questions Above, Then Keep On Reading, This Could Transform Your Life In Just A Few Weeks!


Before we dive into the details and components of this program, let me explain what our vision of a mentoring program is and why it's not called a coaching program, or a training program, or a course, and finally why we can boldly claim that the decision you're about to make could literally transform your life in just a few weeks.

The essence of mentoring is a learning relationship focused on long term transformation. The main focus is to drive personal and business growth, encourage and lead transformation, bring in new skills, knowledge and understanding.

As you can see, it's a much wider role than a coach, whose goal is usually to improve your current performance (but then what happens when you're just starting out, or you're stuck and need a change of plans?). A coach will help you fit in your current "space". What if this "space" is not the right one for you?

A training also carries a lot of restrictions. It's usually passive, you watch a few videos, read a few tutorials and then you need to figure things out on your own. It's relying on transferring some knowledge without any context of who you are and what you're willing to accomplish.

You're on your own and usually on your way to seek for more help as the knowledge you acquired might not be practical and in most cases difficult to implement without any further advanced help (which usually costs a lot more)

Which is why we've decided to focus on creating a Mentoring program, with a twist. 

You see, mentoring program are usually pure 1-to-1 and can cost $5k to $10k... per month based on the level of implication required by the mentor.

And when we decided to change how the world works, we asked ourselves the question: "what if we could really and genuinely mentor people for less than the price of a coffee per day?".

Why this comparison you may ask? Well a coffee is something we grab without even knowing it...

So we thought, "what if they could take 1 coffee less each day and use the savings to join our Mentoring program? what if people already had the key to transform their lives WITHOUT investing anything else to get started? 

Would that be helpful?" And that's why we decided to price this mentoring program less than $100...per month (a coffee being roughly $3.5)

This might be a big mistake we're making, but we're committed to it :-)

Sometimes you have an idea, and all that matters is to make it happen, because you're convinced it's just the right thing to do.

You see, Paul has 10+ years of experience coaching and teaching people how to work online, I, JP have myself 2 decades of experience building online businesses, and at that point in our life, we need to to things differently, especially in these weird times we're living.

We need to go all-in with what might look as a crazy idea, but that we know will help a lot of people and fulfill our all-time and life long desire as online entrepreneurs to HELP people do exactly what we do and start an online business the right way.

That's the twist we are applying to our mentoring program. To be able to make this happen, you will agree it's not possible to be purely 1-to-1 with our mentees and students. It would not make sense. BUT, with today's technology it's in fact easy to do what we could call "mass-1-to-1" and treat anyone as a student with his or her own challenges, perspectives and dreams.

Which is why we will be going live EACH and EVERY week with all of you, where you will have the ability to personally interact with us. Which is why you will also have access to a community where you will be able, not only to interact with each others, but also with the both of us, Paul and I to personally help you.

Along with all the rest you will discover below in a few seconds.

This should now be more obvious why we have decided on that route and why we can claim this program will transform YOUR life as well as many others.

The 7-Figure Entrepreneur's Mindset

In this video we’re going to talk about the entrepreneurial way of thinking. It’s a way of thinking that sets you apart from other people and it’s what makes you successful..

This way of thinking is such an important aspect to becoming successful that there’s been thousands of articles, books and case studies written and done to discover why people who have this mindset are successful.

And it comes down to these five characteristics. And it’s these that successful entrepreneurs have in common: This is the entrepreneurial way of thinking.

Going From Zero To One

What does it mean, and how it's being done. When you start with no list, no partner, no product, there's one way to change the odds and go from ZERO to ONE.

The One Pillar To Success

Once we understood it, it transformed our business and our lives. We went from struggling to seven figures.  And 15 years later, it still works, everyday. It’s this that takes you on your journey from ZERO to ONE

Make A Difference

The difference between you and a successful online entrepreneur relies on one skill we all have, but don't use efficiently. We'll show you how it turns lives around and can help anyone go from ZERO to ONE


The Best Online Business (training)

In this 40mn video we show you the best online business you  must have to build the foundations of a successful digital business. This is our favorite online business as it helps build an on-demand recurring income stream that will work for you passively.

We show you how it works, why it works and we even build it in front of you, and then tell you how you can create your own.

Now you might wonder what's in it for you. Well, when you scroll down this page, you'll discover one of our fast action bonuses: we will GIVE you this online business, completely free so that you can get started right away.

Business Model

I'm sure you've seen so many business models (ecom, list building, info product, agency, coaching) that you might both be overwhelmed and confused as to which one to use. Which is why we've decided to teach you the most effective business model to start an online business, and get results FAST. Period. Nothing compares!

Cut the Learning Curve

Would you trade hours of your time and thousands of dollars against an easy solution that would serve your goals and those of your prospects better? All day long I guess...When you're done going through this component, you'll be able to implement things right away. In minutes, NOT in days!

Get Results

If all you do is follow this training and engage with us through the main mentoring modules, you'll get results. How do we know? Simply because we're implementing it each and every day in our business. We never stop...because it works, and it will work for you too. 


Get Unlimited On Demand Targeted Traffic With The Traffic Alchemy System

If you ask any online entrepreneur out there, they will all tell you Traffic is their #1 problem. How to get cheap targeted traffic that converts.

That's the holy grail of Internet Marketing, and the dream every digital marketer is chasing.

We'll reveal our tactics to generate leads for pennies on the dollar, while ensuring we only get warm and qualified prospects who need help to get their problems solved!

Once you understand that you NEVER create traffic but only REDIRECT it, your traffic frustrations will end once and for all.

This component, when combined with the previous one will help you understand how you can literally turn things around and never look back. This is the foundation of any successful online business we know of. When combined with the following components, you'll understand what the expression "sky is the limit" truly means!

Free VS Paid Traffic

Why Free traffic is often the cause of frustration of so many marketers. And why Paid traffic is wrongly considered as a big risk. We'll show you how to turn your paid traffic into a risk-free and endless source of new buyers. But don't worry, we'll also teach you how to get free traffic!

Our Best Traffic Sources Revealed

Not all traffic is created equal. How you find the right traffic can turn into a tough challenge when you don't know where to start. We'll reveal where we find warm and qualified prospects for any niche you can think of.

The Alchemy

How we turn paid traffic into on demand free traffic so we never pay for traffic again! This is truly powerful and that's the secret to getting cheap or even free traffic while using paid traffic sources! You don't want to miss that part.


Weekly Live Mentoring Calls

This is where the rubber meets the road. Each and every week, we will ask you to join us for a live mentoring session (they are included in your mentoring membership and there's no extra cost, even if that sounds too good to be true). These sessions will be recorded so that you can catch up and replay those, even the ones that aired before you joined. Isn't it cool?

During these sessions, we'll build your online business, in front of you. We'll explain everything, we'll show you how to get started with it, how to grow and nurture it. We'll answer your questions, solve your challenges and help you go from where you are to where you want to be.

Each session will be interactive (we don't like slides) and we will do everything live in front of you so you can see exactly how it's done. It's just like if you were watching us work daily in our offices when we create such online businesses for ourselves. Except you'll get to see everything and implement it right away and effortlessly into your business (on top of everything you'll get this free as well)


You will get direct access to both of us (Paul and JP). you won't have to guess anything. This is where the word "Mentoring" takes all its meaning, when you compare it to training, coaching, course...
And remember, all this for less than a cup of coffee  a day! Save $3.5 per day  and you can get all of this, and attend a life changing session with your mentors! That's all it takes to initiate YOUR transformation.

Over Our Shoulder

We will make sure we use as few slides as possible. We don't want to discuss theory during these sessions (you already have access to some training components in this program). We want real actionable plans, strategies and tactics you can implement right away with our help. And remember to check below as we'll even give you a completely done-for-you online business (and prepare to be shocked) for free!

Transforming Lives

We truly believe this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many and a game changer that will help you transform your life and business.
Imagine yourself attending one of these session, not feeling anxious (because the price is so fair), having aha moments and knowing you can implement things right away, seeing how we make it work and understanding how you can make it work too! Would that be helpful?



What if you have challenges, questions? How can you get access to us, your mentors when you feel stuck, or when you just want to share something and get some quick feedback? How can you get the most of this mentoring program, of the trainings and live sessions?

Here is how: you'll get full access to our private Mentoring group for this Digital Marketing mentoring program. You'll get to interact with like-minded people (other members) as well as with us in a safe, secure and private environment. Sharing is caring and we'll encourage to share and communicate with all of us. We will also have monthly incentives to drive engagement and "gamify" your journey (researches show that gamification can push people forward and do things they would not do otherwise)


Monthly Action Plan

Each month we'll compile the most important things you need to remember. These will be compiled off the live training sessions, the group posts, private questions...everything we think is important will be documented and serve as your monthly action plan.

These key take-aways will be your go-to document when you need to make sure you haven't missed a beat of what happened in the previous 4 weeks of mentoring.

You will be able to download it, print it, and get back to it whenever you need. It's like your monthly action plan. You'll never miss anything important!

How Does It Look So Far?

Although we still have a lot more value and help to share with you, I hope you're sensing where we're going. As you can see we've done things backwards. Usually vendors have a long pitch before even starting to announce some bribes of pricing.

We are fully transparent about everything. We've eliminated all possible anxiety and tension ("hmm, this looks great, but that might be really expensive...that's too bad I can't afford it, this would truly help me" kind of tensions). from the very beginning.

Because your journey has already begun. You're showing an interest in this program, and let me assure you that you're right to consider it seriously. We also gave you a "hack" to join this program WITHOUT impacting your current budget at all (aka "Save a cup of coffee  a day and transform your life")

That being said, let's move forward and tell you how we will further help you when you complete the signup process.

So, Let's Recap What You Get Access to When You Become A Student Of The iMasterclass Digital Marketing Mentoring Program

Let me restate that it's not your usual course or coaching program. You now understand what our vision is, and how we will give it life through YOUR NO RISK your enrollment (we'll get to the guarantee a bit later).

Weekly Live Sessions

I have to admit I wish I had been able to join such a program when I got started. It would have saved me thousands of dollars, countless of sleepless nights...

Video Trainings

We will show the very foundations of building an online business and feeding it quickly with prospects and buyers.


Don't feel terrible because you can't attend a session, we've got you covered and you'll be able to watch the recording of any session at your own pace

Take-Aways & Action Plans

Each month we'll give you access to what you need to know, remember and implement in your new online business.

Why Trust Us?

We've been full time online entrepreneurs for 15+ years now, but do not take our words for it...

 "Whenever JP talks… I listen, and I listen carefully. He manages to blow up in top affiliate lists often. And he does it with a smaller list than most gurus out there.

So if you have the chance to learn from JP about affiliate marketing, know that you’re learning from one of the top affiliates out there and what he teaches comes straight from the trenches." 

Simon Hodgkinson

 "JP’s not your typical “guru” who goes after the limelight. Instead, he’s too busy making a killing with affiliate marketing and teaching his secret methods to students lucky enough to learn from him.

You’ll be in good hands learning from JP. In fact, you’ll be guided by truly one of the best when it comes to affiliate marketing. Get your hands on anything and everything he comes out with!" 

Ewen Chia
#1 International Best Selling author

 "I cannot say enough good things about Paul Brooks!
Not only has he been a mentor to me, but I was literally stuck in an impossible situation, not making ANY money, with a family I needed to support.

Paul too me by the hand and guided me out of the rut that I was stuck in, and now im earning enough to support my wife and daughter without the need for a day job.

Paul was extremely patient and understanding with me, actually took the time out to show me EXACTLY what I was doing wrong, and how to find solutions to my business problems.

He showed me how to create my OWN digital business to earn passive income that is reliable.

I knew nothing about that...

But within a few short weeks, Paul had me up and earning figures that make my family proud of me (north of $100k per month!).
I can't thank him enough for instilling the courage and confidence to believe in myself, and reach my goals.

His coaching is PRICELESS. Thank you Paul

Mike Cherchio
Poshmark Tools

About The Authors

JP Schoeffel

Serial Entrepreneur, 8-figures in sales

JP has spent the last 15 years creating and marketing digital systems and solutions to help digital entrepreneurs create their own successful online ventures. He has sold over 8 figures worth of digital products in the last decade. 

Paul Brooks

Head Coach, Content Evangelist

Paul has spent the last decade helping online entrepreneurs achieve their goals by taking them by the hand and showing them the path to becoming successful entrepreneurs. Paul enjoys turning complex systems into easy to consume content.

FAST ACTION  BONUS #1 (a $499 value)

Done-For-You Online Business

We've decided to give you access , for FREE, to the online business we build in front of you during the Foundation video training, and that we help you grow during the live training sessions. We perfected it for years, we're using it daily, and this will be yours, so that you will effectively be able to start your online business right away!

FAST ACTION  BONUS #2 ( $299 value)

Interview With A Vamp... oups, with an 8-figure marketer

Once you've completed the course you'll receive an extra bonus that could help you turn things around and literally change your life. We can't reveal what this is right now (some  of our previous customers paid $299 for it in the past), it's yours free today.

What Happens Next?

If you're still reading, here is what the next steps would be in order for you to successfully join the program.

Click & Join

Click any button on this page and complete the information

Get Started

Watch the first Components (#1 and #2 in priority). This will get you all set for your first live mentoring session with us

1st Live Mentoring Session

Register (free) for the next live mentoring session and get prepared to start your wonderful online journey.

The Great "Hack"

Save 1 cup of coffee a day and your Mentoring program will be paid for!


This won't last long

Although we want to help as many aspiring entrepreneurs as possible, and we want to give our vision a life, we will have to get back to reality  and start charging $299 per month.

So now, you have a decision to make. Join right away and never look back, or keep this on the side, and probably start kicking your head when you come back and this deal is gone. You can now secure this insane discount or wait and pay full price later.

This program is for action taker. We don't want anyone to join. We CAN HELP anyone for sure, but only those who will be able to take massive action and implement what we're giving you away and what we're showing you will become successful. If you're just a lurker, you won't get where you want to be. We're devoting our time and soul to this program, and we're asking YOU to be able to be able to take simple but important decisions that could change your life. Your first decision is NOW.

When you join this program NOW, then we know you will keep making the right choices and decisions under our guidance. The rest will quickly become history and you will be our next success story.


Let's go one step further...If for any reason, at any point during your mentoring program you feel you did not get enough value, we will give your money back for this month. Which means your investment is 100% safe. This is how confident we are that our program goes beyond anything you've ever seen, and that we don't mind offering such a guarantee.

FAST ACTION  BONUS #3 ( $99/month value)

Monthly Mystery Bonus

Each month, starting 1 month after you join, we'll reward your loyalty and engagement with a new bonus worth 10 times your monthly investment. Any item we add as a bonus has a real retail value of at least $99. You'll get one new each and every month at no cost.


We anticipated, some of you might still be reading at this point, looking for some reassurance, and making sure they're taking the right decision when they join today. Which is why we've added this ultimate fast action bonus above (the monthly mystery bonus), which will be worth 10 times your monthly investment.

We believe there's nothing else we could say at this point to let us help you transform your life and business.

We've created the most comprehensive and affordable mentoring program you'll even join, the missing link that could be the starting point of your next successful online venture. We're giving you access to our most up-to-date trainings (mindset, traffic generation), to our best online business model (walk-through video), to our own online business assets (we've done it for you) and we'll help you along the way with weekly live mentoring sessions, and on a continuous basis via our Mentoring Facebook community.

We're also making your decision risk free with our 100% money back guarantee, not just in your first month, but at any point in the future.


Got Questions? 

Contact us using the support widget on this page (bottom right)
or via email at [email protected]

Results are not typical. Most people starting an online business fail because of their inaction or inability to follow instructions.

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